Future Living

A new district is growing in Ystadveien 1, in the south part of Haugesund. TOURNG PARK TERRASSE will be a place where you can live an urban city life with high environmental standards, great architecture and beautiful view at a sunny location. Compared to other projects in Haugesund, TOURING PARK TERRASSE is much more than just apartments. Its a future way of living. You will have access to common areas, park areas, SPA and wellness center, 24/7 services, grocery, hairdresser, florist and restaurants in connection with the hotel.

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Duration: 4:55

We facilitate various services and meeting places - social zones and focus on creating a pleasant and welcoming environment.

The good story

-sit in each branch, they are independent and grows out of a common ground.

Time horizon

  • Municipal plan

  • Presentation for hotel guests and suppliers

  • "Byggarena"

  • First approval at the municipality

  • Neighbor meeting

  • Public response

  • Garden party 2017

  • Second approval at the municipality the 24th of August 2017

  • Unanimously adopted at the city council the 6th of September 2017

  • The sketch of the pre-project in process to define the detailed plans

  • Garden party June 2018

  • Pressrealase - HAUBO, the 14th of February 2019

  • Tender description, turnkey contract handed over to relevant players, February 21st

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