Food & Beverage

Culinary delights in familiar and beautiful surroundings

The philosophy around our food concept is built on values that make your life easier and give you and yours a good experience. This while continuing traditional culture and food traditions, by adapting those to tomorrow's needs.



Food trends and continuation of traditions
Trends also affect the food world, in restaurants, grocery stores and what we put on the dinner table at home. We want to make the everyday food delicate and tasty.

Through different food concepts, we wish to convey traditions, food experiences and meal development for our hotel guests, the residents of our apartments and for the locals.









Gastronomic Institute
TOURING PARK TERRASSE will build a gastronomic institute. We will use real ingredients, with a particular focus on the use of local ingredients that preserve knowledge, genetic diversity, strengthening community, leading our traditions into the future and create great experiences.

Through various serving and point of sales, we will offer suitable and exquisite "Streetfood" to small or larger groups, to give a culinary experiences.

We want cooking to be fun and enjoyable
At the same time, we want to make it more enjoyable when you eat the food - whether you eat it alone or with others.

We will offer food packages and snack meals adapted to different target groups. Through continuously listening to our customers' needs and focusing on important details, we will make good food even more accessible.

Furthermore, we will offer today's dinner - if desired served in pots put on the table. Imagine the good feeling that it gives to help yourself with meatballs straight from the pan, fill in with just as much potatoes, gravy and vegetables as you wish. Or fresh baked cod straight from the pot - added potatoes, vegetables and ground butter?

On our signature menu, seasons will be reflected through the use of fresh products available at the time.

From early morning until late at night - all week long, we will strive to ensure that all our meals should be a delight for the eye, palate and stomach. Our eateries and points of sale will be meeting places for the guests, the apartment owners and the local community, served as a welcome face to the outside.

By offering different types of food concepts we want to create meal routines for our guests and customers through that they see, learn, experience and remember. A good meal binds us together and makes us feel good. The taste of good food means a lot both for our health, welfare and well-being.