Haugalandet includes the municipalities of Haugesund, Bokn, Etne, Karmøy, Sveio, Tysvær, Utsira, Vindafjord and Sauda. In total, the region covers over 100.000 people.


«Haugsund Top Ten»
Destinasjon Haugesund & Haugalandet

Duration: 4:20


Centrally located halfway between Stavanger and Bergen. From the city center the distance is short to unique nature experiences. Fjords, waterfalls, coastal and urban cultures. Long silky sandy beaches, idyllic island communities, high mountains and beautiful cultural landscapes.

Power center for princes and kings

Karmsundet - Norway's most trafficked ship sled. The channel between Karmøy and the mainland, where the place where the princes and kings easily controlled the ship traffic. The channel was called "Nordvegen" - "the road to the north" and gave the name to Norway.

Regional engine

Haugaland is in many contexts a region that contributes to other regional development in Norway. Many of the region's companies are highly represented in technology, as well as in the petro and marine industry. Some of the common denominators are entrepreneurial spirit and high international level in the areas in which they supply goods and services

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