Our thoughts behind?

  • Facilitate to be able to continue operating our hotel
  • Small margins and costly common areas made us think "across segments"
  • Our target group seeks the same added values
  • Collaboration, cost sharing and efficiency is the core
  • Everyone gets more than they otherwise would have received

What would we like to do?

  • In addition to the expansion and modernization of our hotel, we want to build apartments in order to offer a unique residential and service concept
  • The concept is to create an area with good qualities and services offered to the residents, the hotel guests and the local community

Our values are based on:

  • peace of mind
  • interaction
  • familiar touch

A brand and a pioneer in our segment:

The approach to the project is partly based on a growing market in terms of hotels and homes adapted to future living, and partly after considering other projects and studies regarding future lifestyles.

One of our society's challenge is that many of us miss a stable and welcoming neighborhood. Many of us do not have friends and / or family living near by and / or they have other priorities and do not "drop by " as often as we would like.

In addition, many of us have huts in the mountains, at the countryside or abroad.

One or more of these factors make many of us to seek for modern and suitable homes for a simpler life.

A unique hotel, housing and service concept:

The common areas form an important part of our concept. Emphasis has been placed on good meeting places and interaction between residents and other users, both inside and outside. Such as an area for small outdoor concerts, recreation areas, convenience store, flower shop, spa- and fitness facilities.

Furthermore, we wish to offer food and social area spaces. In addition service functions such as hairdresser, therapists, as well as offers of caretaker services and cleaning.

The additional values each of the residents gets by choosing to buy one of our apartments and the services we offer, are important values such as security, well-being and an easier everyday life.


Short way to the city center and urbanization of the area.

Future Living:

We offer a wide range of apartments.

A lot of sunlight and the project itself lift the area to something new, through beautifully built park and facilities.


Our facilities have a good architectural foundation, where you can freely move and meet like-minded people.

Added values:

We want to encourage the experience of improved quality of life, through access to facilities and services that will make life better for the residents.

The services offered can also be used by family members / relatives, as well as by the residents in the area.


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