The highway

Already in year 1918 the Karmsundgaten was planned as the approach road from the north and south of Haugesund. However, for many years after that, the traffic went from the south of Salhusvegen, through Haraldsgata and further north through Haugeveien. Karmsundgaten was built in stages and in 1955 Karmsund Bridge was built. First when Karmsundgaten was opened through the Lothe park, at about the same time as the bus station was moved from the city center to Flotmyr, Karmsundgaten became a natural route to Haugesund.

The architecture

The architect of the hotel is Karl Magnus Lea. We are conscious of maintaining the architectural appearance. Amongst the cultural environments in Karmsundgaten that Haugesund municipality considers to be the most important, is our hotel building. Our building is Haugesund's most important example of brutalism.
Brutalism is characterized by using raw, untreated concrete, "real" materials and structural building units with simple geometric shapes. Chateau Neuf in Oslo (1963) is another example of the brutalism.


opened in 1972


In the 70's

In the 70's, the hotel also had a gas station and a grocery store in the south end of the plot.

Different owners

In the period from 1976 to 1991, Park Hotel had different owners. In 1992 the hotel was purchased by the Hendersons family and was named Hendersons Park Hotel.
In April 2000, Radisson SAS Hotels & Resorts operates the hotel and the Henderson family continued as owners. In 2004 the Henderson family again took over the operation of the hotel.
In 2009, Radisson SAS changes its brand and we became Radisson Blu Hotel, Haugesund.